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The Miami Give Back was created as a means to uplift the less fortunate and engage with our community.


Miami Hairstylist, Daniella Franquez @thehaircolorguru always had passion for local philanthropy and felt a need to give back to her community. Growing up as a troubled teen, She faced possible homelessness many times, and could relate with those who struggle on a daily basis. She took action and with a single instagram post, being a hairstylist for over 10 years she recruited Professional Barbers to provide shaves and haircuts to those experiencing homelessness. Since that first event, where they used their cars to power their equipment, has since grown into the nonprofit, The Miami Give Back Inc., a positive movement for change, motivation, and inspiration!

The founders of The Miami Give Back are a group of Professional Hairstylists & Barbers who organize free events and educational programs. They have worked with Lotus House, Camillus House, His House Children's Home, elderly patients, underprivileged youth and people experiencing homelessness in South Florida.

During our events we recruit professional Hairstylists and Barbers to provide free haircuts and shaves, volunteers help distribute donated food cooked hot and fresh for every event from our amazing personal chef, toiletries and also distribute clean clothes from the community. We have collaborated with other non-profits that have provided hot showers, free medical screenings and legal services, as well as worked with local recording artist Don Cuba and Instagram Influencer @Lifestyle_Miami 

As The Miami Give Back continues to grow, we will develop our Hairstylist and Barber program to teach youth from low income communities, at an early age, the useful trade that they can develop into a career. Our  dream is to one day have a facility for the homeless to clean up, apply for jobs, get a bite to eat, and get off the streets! We have been blessed to give back to Miami, the city we know and love! Let's continue to make Miami great again! #miamiweloveyou

meet The TEAM

Daniella Franquez


Daniella has been a Professional Hairstylist for more than 10 years and educator with the brand Matrix Professional. As a single Mom, Daniella has always tried to set a positive example for her two girls about gratitude and giving back. For many years Daniella has donated her time and skills to community members and organizations for people who are or have experienced domestic violence, breast cancer and homelessness. With all of this experience she knew she could do more so with a simple Instagram post, The Miami Give Back was born.  Since then Daniella has built an amazing team who have joined forces to beautify and give back to our South Florida community. She has become a leader to many other hopeful women who want to be the change in the world, she is all about GIRL POWER and believes strongly that she will change the world. 


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Alex Gonzalez

Alex has been a professional Barber for

over 10 years. A passion for philanthropy, he wanted to use his craft to help people and educate them. For his first event in 2010, Alex teamed up with The Salvation Army to teach the homeless community how to cut hair. He continued to use his professional trade and positive attitude to form the education program "Hook Me Up Barber Boot Camp". What started as community service became a passion which is why he fell in love with

The Miami Give Back


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vice president

Reinier "Ray" Zubizarreta

Ray has been a barber for almost 11 years and credits his craft as a tool that helped him change his life. Today he reflects on his past, starting with his move to Miami as an young immigrant and becoming what he considers a "troubled youth". He became involved with gangs at the age of 16 until his mid twenties. Ray gained a new perspective on life as he welcomed the birth of his first daughter. Dedicated to starting a new chapter he focused on family and barbering. Today as a proud father, Ray makes an effort to support his community, be an example to others and give back. 


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